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Anthony VanDyke NMLS 247102
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ALV Mortgage is a mortgage broker founded by Anthony VanDyke (NMLS License #247102). The mortgage broker is the best place for a consumer to get a mortgage. Mortgage brokers have the ability to compare offerings from hundreds of lenders to find the borrower the best possible rate for their unique situation. ALV Mortgage offers many more loan programs than even the biggest banks.

Anthony proudly leads a team of mortgage professionals committed to one goal: Providing superior mortgage services to a growing base of fully satisfied clients.

If fulfilling this goal, Anthony provides a living testimony to the truth that if you do what you love, you never work a day of your life. By focusing on each client and each individual mortgage, he has built lifetime relationships with thousands of individuals seeking and finding their dream homes and family residences.

Licensed in Utah and California, ALV Mortgage has set the standard for mortgage servicing since 2006 and is the recognized leader in its market. The team takes pride in the fact that they know their market like no other firm, and they make every effort to ensure each client is 100 percent satisfied with each transaction. This commitment to superior service has earned Anthony VanDyke the position of one of the Top Mortgage Originators in America, placing him in the top 1 percent of all such companies.

The rapid rise of ALV Mortgage as one of the nation’s premier mortgage brokers is noted in media coverage that includes Utah business magazine, Front Page of Yahoo News, Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, along with hundreds of positive online reviews. (See Below)

The ALV Mortgage Difference

Gaining and maintaining such prestige is only accomplished by the type of commitment and expertise shown by Anthony and his team. Just a few elements of the approach that allows Anthony to successfully deal with each client while being a top producer include:

  • Responsiveness. Anthony responds to every call in a timely manner.
  • Service. Anthony does everything he can to streamline the mortgage process easy. The ALV Mortgage team utilizes more than 30 meticulous checklists in managing each mortgage to ensure each step is thoroughly and efficiently handled.
  • Knowledge. With nearly a decade of experience in a challenging and rapidly-changing market, Anthony knows how to get loans closed.
  • Results. With access to an extensive source of lenders and multiple programs, Anthony tailors each loan to each specific client’s unique needs and situation.

The testimonials from actual customers demonstrate the unequalled level of satisfaction shown by clients of ALV Mortgage.

The Man and the Mission Behind ALV Mortgage

From my earliest days I understood the potential of residual income from real estate rentals. After two attempts to follow a traditional route of college and a starter job, I decided to get in the business immediately. I didn’t find what I wanted to know at the usual promotional real estate seminars, so I jumped in the deep end and learned to swim in real estate by getting my mortgage license and focusing on the financial side of the industry.

More than a decade later, I continue to be grateful for that decision. Soon after I started my business we went through one of the worst real estate declines in U.S. history, and I saw how important it is to provide my clients with the right mortgage solutions to their specific real estate needs. This has given me a passion to know everything possible about my industry and drives me to do things other mortgage brokers probably think is obsessive – such as repeatedly reading the 1,800 page Mortgage Guidelines for fun.

In fact, I love my work so much that Monday is my favorite day. That is the day I get to go back to work.

I love working with a team and, other than loving Monday, another oddity is that my favorite color is “clear.” Yep, the non-color clear, like a glass of water or window, is really cool because it represents transparency – you can see right through it and nothing is hidden. That’s how our team works with each other and our clients, and our entire office has glass walls to support that concept.

My job is an important link in one of the most important life and financial decisions most people ever make – choosing their home. Helping people purchase a home or refinancing an existing mortgage to improve someone’s financial situation is extremely gratifying to me. I can’t imagine doing anything else to support my family and contribute to my community.

Loan Processor Rhoda Sherman

Rhoda has worked as a top performer in the mortgage industry since 1994. She comes from a strong background in the real estate and mortgage business since owning her own operation years ago.

Real estate has been a great career choice for her. She is the proud parent of two adult children, and Rhoda’s husband, a retired contractor, is raising a new “child”. He is totally renovating a historic 1925 bungalow.

When not helping new clients understand the details of the biggest financial purchase most of them will ever make, Rhoda is an avid gardener, quilter and home chef. She got her first taste of adventure as a young woman sailing the Yucatan for several months on a 41-foot sloop.

Loan Processor Autumn Mineer

Autumn’s cheery and professional demeanor attracted Anthony’s attention during his visits to a local credit union. Always one to recognize client-focused talent, Anthony successfully lured Autumn to the team after noting her exceptional commitment to detail and efficient service.

With just a year in the industry Autumn has shown a real knack of helping people work through the sometimes intimidating mortgage application process. She is glad Anthony introduced her to this exciting career and looks forward to earning the loyalty of many life-long clients.

When not focused on finding the best rates and mortgage products for her clients, Autumn loves to bake and undertake creative craft projects. She and her husband spend a lot of time satisfying the demands of their three year fur-child, an adorable yellow Labrador.

When you meet Autumn, ask her what it was like to fall out of a two-story window when she was just three years old. She’ll tell you everything after that is a little boring!

Office Manager Jolie Brietling

Every office that functions as efficiently as ours requires a magnificent Office Manager. Anthony lured an exceptional Real Estate Transaction Coordinator to the team just a few months ago, and Jolie is already making an impact. As the company continues to grow, it will take full advantage of the experience Jolie has in all aspects of the real estate sales and purchase cycle.

While her insights help the company coordinate with the many large number of estate professionals we interact with daily, she also helps ensure we keep the client’s needs first and ahead of all the other priorities we detail in our numerous checklists and processes.

Jolie understands our market area in great detail, and her role as a wife and mother of a two-year old son helps her understand just how important the right home is to any family. In fact, being the eldest of 11 children, Jolie has a better than normal understanding of family and making the most of your home.

Loan Officer Keith Ashurst

Keith’s love affair with helping individuals and families find their dream homes began three years ago when he entered the mortgage industry. If you ask Keith, his only regret about his job is that he didn’t start this specific career sooner.

Keith is an active outdoorsman, and he is teaching his two young girls, ages 4 and 6, to share his enthusiasm for swimming, hiking and barbecuing. Of course, they now all share their love of the Harry Potter books, and he boasts of having read the entire series three times!

If you are fortunate enough to have Keith as your loan officer you will notice he smiles a lot as he takes pleasure in making the entire process as hassle and stress-free as possible.

Marketing Director Cody Hancey

When it comes to telling the story of our firm, no one does it as well or as enthusiastically as Cody. Coming from a family steeped in all aspects of real estate and lending, Cody has a second instinct about what make for a great real estate firm.

Encouraged by his mother and supported in his work by his girlfriend, Cody has been in the mortgage industry for three years. He loves that he not only finds great pleasure in helping individuals and families with this important life transaction, he also takes pride in being part of one of the leading mortgage brokers in the nation.

When you meet Cody, it will be hard to miss that one of his favorite pastimes is competitive bodybuilding. While he has won 1st place in the Utah Mens Physique Contest, he also pursues other outdoors activities such as camping, fishing, and biking.